Oxfam and partners working with refugees from Sudan

Oxfam does not have presence in Sudan. There are teams in South Sudan and Chad that both assess the situation, exploring how to best support people fleeing the conflict in Sudan.

What is happening in South Sudan?

12,000 people have been reported to have arrived in South Sudan with many more people expected.

An Oxfam team is assessing the situation.

What is happening in Chad?

10,000 to 20,000 people have sought refuge in neighbouring Chad, according to UNHCR.

Oxfam is currently assessing how best to support the response.

What kind of help do refugees immediately need?

Most people who manage to escape can't bring much with them.

So when they reach a safer place they need secure shelter, and non-food items including household and kitchen sets, water and sanitation items, and food.

Who hosts refugees?

Most people who manage to escape their homes either do not leave the country (they are internally displaced) or flee to neighbouring countries.

A small number of people may reach countries that are not neighbouring the country.

People fleeing conflict have the right to be provided with protection, and safety.

What are the solutions?

  • Oxfam calls on all combatants to protect civilians caught in the crossfire and to strictly observe International Humanitarian Law as it also applies to Non-International Armed Conflicts (NIACs)
  • In particular, Oxfam calls on all combatants to cease the use of explosive weapons in populated areas, as these drive displacement , cause greater death and injury and destroy civilian infrastructure. Explosive weapons also have a distinct gendered impact that can adversely and disproportionately affect women and girls.
  • Oxfam calls on all arms supplying States to refrain from the transfer of arms to any combatant party while there is a risk that they will be used to commit grave breaches and serious violations of IHL.
  • Calls on the UK as UNSC penholder to take a lead in working with other States to end the fighting and resolve the conflict as speedily and with as little violence as possible