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Wales AM action

Right now across Wales, refugees from Syria are attempting to settle in to their new communities. It is something that we should all be proud of that all 22 of our councils have responded to house people fleeing the civil war. 

Yet for refugees and asylum-seekers living in Wales, sadly our welcome has not always been as hospitable as it could have been. From poor standards in initial accommodation, to ensuring translation support in key public services, and helping people use public transport there are times where we could have done a better job. 

That's why we were delighted when a National Assembly Committee decided to look at these concerns and determine what more could be done in Wales to help those who have fled violence, conflict or persecution and found themselves here in Wales. 

That report has been published, you can read it here, and it's vital that the Welsh Government accepts its recommendations. Can you help make sure that happens by tweeting your Assembly Members and asking them to back the report?

Step 1  Find your Assembly Member in one of the categories below. If you don't know who they are, you can look them up here. 

Step 2  Click on the icon to tweet our message directly at them.

Step 3   Wait and see if they respond. If they do, let us know!

Neil Hamilton

Eluned Morgan

Simon Thomas

Joyce Watson

Angela Burns

Dafydd Elis Thomas

Russell George

Elin Jones

Darren Millar

Adam Price

Lee Waters

Kirsty Williams

Michelle Brown

Nathan Gill

Llyr Gruffydd

Mark Isherwood

Rhun ap Iorwerth

Hannah Blythyn

Janet Finch Saunders

Lesley Griffiths

Sian Gwenllian

Ann Jones

Carl Seargeant

Ken Skates

Gareth Bennett

Andrew RT Davies

Neil Mc Evoy

Mick Antoniw

Mark Drakeford

Vaughn Gething

Vikki Howells

Jane Hutt

Jenny Rathbone

Leanne Wood

Mohammad Asgar (Oscar)

Steffan Lewis

Mark Reckless

David J Rowlands

Dawn Bowden

Jane Bryant

Hefin David

Alun Davies

John Griffiths

Lynne Neagle

Rhianon Passmore

Nick Ramsay

Suzy Davies

Bethan Jenkins

Caroline Jones

Dail Lloyd

Rebecca Evans

Mike Hedges

Huw Irranca Davies

Julie James

Carwyn Jones

Jeremy Miles

Julie Morgan

David Rees