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Women unlimited

Help women thrive — and everyone will benefit

Give a woman the support to unlock her potential and she can become unstoppable - transforming not only her own future, but the future of everyone around her. So please donate today, and help many more people like Tika, Florence, Zakayo and Ahlem to show the world that poverty is never permanent.

Donate today and help women and men 

Tika's story: Silent no  longer

Tika Darlami has changed beyond recognition. Five years ago, she rarely left her home - even to buy food. Living in a part of rural Nepal where women are expected to focus on housework and often have little awareness of their basic human rights, she had no confidence - and would hide to avoid conversations with strangers.

Today, Tika is known for starting conversations - about domestic violence, alcohol abuse, early marriage and whatever else is on local women's minds. She joined Oxfam's Raising Her Voice project, which brings women together to discuss issues that matter to them, and has never looked back.

"When I first wanted to get involved, my husband wasn't keen and he urged me not to go," Tika says. "He told me that my primary job was to look after the home and that, since I was illiterate, I could do nothing useful there.

"Now he believes in empowering women. He feels proud of me. He has no problem with me being involved in social work, and is happy to do some of the household work that I used to do."

Locally, there are more women participating in committees, taking leadership positions and re-entering education - and Tika is now recognised wherever she goes. "Now I walk with confidence," she says. "I am a totally different woman." With your support, many more women could feel the same - and help equality to thrive in their communities.

Photos: Aubrey Wade

Donate today and help women and men 

Julius Ceaser Kasujj

Florence and Zakayo’s story: prospering together

For many years, Florence's daily life was similar to that of many women in the Acholi region of Uganda - an exhausting routine of fetching water and firewood, caring for her children and husband, cooking every meal and tending her land. Meanwhile her husband Zakayo drank heavily and would often beat her.

But then Zakayo took part in the Oxfam funded WE-Care training programme, which helps people to think about the unfair burden that unpaid work places on women. Skip forward several years and the couple now share the household chores. And - rather than drinking - Zakayo is helping Florence to work the land.

As a result, they've been able to buy oxen and a motorbike to transport their crops. They're farming a larger area, earning more than ever, and Florence is also baking and selling cakes - as well as getting more rest. It's a perfect example of how everyone benefits when equality becomes a reality.

"When my wife is doing chores, I do others," says Zakayo, "which helps us accomplish more within a shorter time, freeing us up to do other things that are economically beneficial."

Your Oxfam
Women can lead to the sustainable eradication of poverty in their family and their generation. Let's support them now! 

Oxfam supporter, Robert Mbata

Ahlem's story: A mum on a mission

Living with her family in the isolated village of Azmour in Tunisia, Ahlem ben Ahmed was constantly worried about being able to access urgent medical care for her son, who is often seriously ill with asthma. A lack of good quality roads nearby meant travelling to a doctor was never easy.

But then Ahlem joined an Oxfam project that supports women to become more confident approaching local leaders. The impact has been transformative. 

"I had rights I wasn't aware of," says Ahlem, who is now pushing leaders to provide better local infrastructure, and encouraging others in her community to speak out too. "I had things I wanted to achieve and I didn't know how. We are ready to fight for our rights; we want our voices to be heard."

Photo: Ellie Kealey

Women are at the heart of everything Oxfam does, so your donation could support any part of our work. 

  • £28 could train a woman in farming techniques, helping her to earn her own income 
  • £59 could help a woman or man to educate others about domestic violence 
  • £90 could go towards paying for plays and radio discussions on girls' education

Working together to end poverty

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