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Women's work is beating poverty


All over the world, your support helps women to claim their rights, take control of their lives, earn a fair wage and help their children get an education. Here's the kind of difference you make every day.

"Happiness is feeling comfortable."

By working in the pineapple cooperative visited by Sophia Jansson (niece of the Moomins' creator), Theresie now earns 50% more than she used to for each pineapple she sells. She can now support her whole family, no longer relies on her husband for money and has bought a calf to provide manure for her land. "When I couldn't afford school fees, the children could not go to school… I had no peace of mind," she says. "[Now] I would tell other women that they should work together with others in order to increase their production."


Did you know?

You helped 500,000 women increase the land and assets they owned in 2016/17.

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Thank you for helping women worldwide move closer to a world without poverty every day.