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Crisis in Yemen

Learn more about the conflict in Yemen

Yemen is in the middle of a bloody conflict which has led to over 22 million people needing humanitarian assistance.

This resource gives an insight into the crisis in Yemen, and a guide for taking action. Young people can write to their MPs about how the UK can help to bring an end to the conflict, and/or fundraise for Oxfam's Yemen appeal.

Draw a red line for Yemen.

Download Teaching Resources 


  • Teachers' Notes (793kB)

    Includes background information on the war in Yemen, guidance for using this resource, and further reading.

  • Workshop Activity (295kB)

    Think critically about conflict and use an opinion continuum to explore the complex issues of the Yemen crisis.

  • Action Guide (263kB)

    Outlines ideas for young people to respond to this urgent crisis.

  • MP Letter Writing Guide (246kB)

    Learn how to write a powerful letter to your MP with these tips and tricks.

  • Slideshow (4MB)

    More information about Yemen and the impact war has had on life in the county. Use this presentation to introduce the Yemen crisis to students.

This is an Oxfam School Groups resource designed to help young people develop their skills and the confidence to make their voices heard. Find out more about starting an Oxfam School Group.