We won’t live with poverty

Coronavirus Appeal

Coronavirus has impacted us all, but not equally.  Millions of people around the world, already facing poverty, are trying to stay safe from the additional threat of the pandemic. Despite access restrictions, we are working around the clock with our local partners in more than 60 countries to help protect the most vulnerable communities. You can help.

We are supporting people to

  • A man wears a mask and sits at a desk next to stacked clear buckets containing hygiene essentials like toothbrushes

    Prepare for tomorrow by staying clean and healthy

    Oxfam’s local teams are working in partnership with community-led organisations to distribute hygiene supplies. Together we’re ensuring vulnerable families have items like soap, detergent, menstrual products and more.

  • Three people stand in social distancing spray painted circles on the ground near a tap

    Survive today by getting safe clean water running

    Teams are helping to get clean water running for as many people as possible, setting up handwashing stations and training people to become health promoters – getting vital messages out to communities on how to protect themselves from coronavirus.

  • Adapt for the future by supporting those who have lost incomes

    We’re also working to help people who have lost incomes to buy the food they desperately need for their families. And distributing personal protective equipment to medical and aid workers who are working to save lives and stop the spread.

Coronavirus in crowded spaces

Imagine being forced to flee your home because of violence, hunger or poverty – leaving everything behind to keep your family safe – only to face the deadly new threat of coronavirus.

In overcrowded refugee and displacement camps around the world, too many families have limited access to proper sanitation, clean water and soap. In places like Yemen, Syria and Rohingya refugee camps, people have lost incomes and are struggling to feed their children.

Working hard to stop the spread

We’re deeply concerned about how coronavirus will affect people living through conflict, disaster and poverty. Oxfam’s humanitarian staff and partners are working hard to help stop the spread. We’re providing vital support like handwashing facilities, clean water, toilets and soap in the most vulnerable communities.

You can help

Work like this has helped contain deadly disease outbreaks such as Ebola and cholera – and it will protect people against this virus.

We are hoping to reach more than 17 million people with hygiene kits, access to clean water, soap and food assistance. We cannot do this without the generous support of people like you. Every donation to our Coronavirus Appeal will help us provide emergency support, like clean water and handwashing facilities to those most in need.

How we spend your money

For every £1 you donate to this emergency appeal, we will allocate 9p of your donation to cover general support and running costs. There is a small chance that we will raise more money than is needed for this appeal. If this happens, we'll spend any additional funds on other Oxfam projects – wherever the need is greatest.