Giorgos Moutafis

Moria Refugee camp in Lesbos, Greece (Photo from 2018)

Lesbos refugee camp fire

On Tuesday 8 September, a huge fire engulfed Moria camp, Europe’s largest migrant camp on the island of Lesbos in Greece. It has completely destroyed the camp, leaving 12,000 people homeless. In addition, Covid-19 has been identified among the stranded asylum seekers.  

We are helping people to:

  • A family in a tent in Moria refugee camp in Greece

    Survive today with clean water and other emergency essentials

    We are providing emergency relief items to those made homeless.

  • A mother and her child at Moria Refugee camp, Lesbos, Greece

    Prepare for tomorrow with social and psychological support

    With the Greek Council and local women’s organisations, we are supporting the most vulnerable groups.

  • Photo of a child in Moria refugee camp, Greece.

    Adapt for the future through advocacy and lobbying governments

    We are calling on EU governments to respect international obligations and welcome those seeking asylum in Europe, especially unaccompanied and sick children.

Those who were living in the camp were already in a desolate situation over the past few months due to understaffing, overcrowding, and the arrival of Covid-19. Social distancing and good hygiene have been almost impossible, and this devastating fire has now left thousands left with no possessions or shelter.

Through our local partners, Oxfam is responding with urgent, humanitarian assistance. Please donate now to our Emergency Fund, to help us reach more people around the world when disaster strikes.