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You can bring back hope to the most unexpected places.


This year, we have seen events that have devastated lives all over the world. But we will not give up. We won't live with poverty. And with your help - month by month - we will work together to bring back hope.

You may find that hard to believe. But every day, we see hope return in the places you'd least expect.

In Iraq, where Zahia and her 4-year-old son had to run for their lives from ISIS. In Haiti, where 14-year-old Sephora has already lived through an earthquake, hurricanes and poverty in her community. In Sierra Leone, where Iba and her family faced the horror of the Ebola epidemic.

They've faced the worst and yet, they've all found hope again. It's the hope of returning home after months of conflict, having clean, running water or seeing a whole community coming back to life after disaster.

The real hope of building a future free from poverty - and people like you make it possible.

So join our global movement and, month by month, help fight the injustice of poverty.

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donation of:

When Zahia’s earning a living again, be there with the tools to help her do the job.

Credit: Pablo Tosco

When Sephora needs to study at night, be there to keep the lights shining.

Credit: Sam Tarling

When Augustina’s children go to school, be there to make sure they can keep going.

Credit: Pablo Tosco

When Iba is working, be there to make sure she can earn enough to provide for her family.

Credit: Pablo Tosco

Your donation will help people around the world