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South Asia floods

Millions of people have been affected by flooding across areas of India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Oxfam is responding with lifesaving essentials, safe clean water and sanitation.

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Last updated 13/08/19

Bangladesh Floods July 2019
BIJU BORO/AFP/Getty Images

What Oxfam is doing right now

India floods

More than 140 people have lost their lives, another 50 are feared buried beneath landslides and more than 300,000 people have been evacuated from their homes so far in India. Kerala state has been struck by the worst floods and landslides in a century. For Karnataka state, it's the biggest calamity in 45 years. And in Maharashtra state, where India's financial capital Mumbai is located, people are facing the worst deluge in two decades. In Assam in India more than 5 million people are affected and more than 2 million people are affected in Bihar. Water sources have been damaged so there's a large need for clean water provision. Finally, there's a large need for emergency shelter and food. Oxfam and local partners have started distributing hygiene kits to people who have been evacuated. Contingency stocks have been mobilised.

Bangladesh floods

In Bangladesh 4 million people are affected and more than 180,000 are displaced. More than 70,000 houses have been damaged. There's a great need for shelter, food and clean water. 

Oxfam has now installed a water treatment plant in Gaibandha that will provide water to 65,000 people. And set up 20 tube wells to provide safe, clean, water. We've set up 100 toilets for displaced people and provided oral rehydration salts to 500 families. Finally, Oxfam is providing cash to buy food and hygiene kits to 4,500 people.

Nepal floods

In Nepal, more than 350,000 people are affected and we aim to help 14,000 families. Oxfam has provided hygiene kits and tarpaulin for shelter in Rautahat and Sarla

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