Inside Frip Ethique

Bras - and other clothes - you donate here in the UK could end up getting sorted and sold in Senegal at Frip Ethique, Oxfam's social enterprise.

Frip Ethique is an Oxfam-run social enterprise in Senegal. Most of the workers are women, who sort and sell clothes donated to Oxfam - including your bras - to local market traders.

It's a great way of making sure donations make the most money possible. And it's also a great way of enabling people to earn a living.

The profits are also invested in Oxfam's work fighting poverty in Senegal. Over 500 small traders buy stock from Frip Ethique and run their own businesses.

Life at Frip Ethique

Working at Frip Ethique has changed my life. The work is good. We work together; we laugh together. It's changed everything.”

Charlotte Lopy, clothes sorter

Now I work for Frip Ethique, not only am I able to take care of more people but also my parents and my sister who are in the village.”

Dieynaba Coly, staff association representative and clothes sorter

Now my children are all at good schools… I've worked at a lot of places but this is the best… We're well paid, we've got job security, and we have sickness benefits and pension.”

Amy Collet Gueye, stock manager

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