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Volunteer…in an Oxfam shop

Volunteer…in an Oxfam shop

Credit: Mark West

With more than 600 Oxfam shops throughout the UK, there are many opportunities for you to volunteer in one of our high street stores, right in the heart of your local community.

Help our shops run smoothly

You'll have the chance to experience a busy and varied retail environment, as well as contribute or develop your skills in teamwork, retail, management and research.

Activities include:

  • Sorting, valuing and pricing donated stock.
  • Visual merchandising and window dressing.
  • Pricing, displaying and ordering our new product range such as Fairtrade food, gifts and cards.
  • Researching and listing stock online for a worldwide audience.
  • Promoting and marketing the shop via its social media channels and local media.
  • Designing work rotas and putting them into practice.

Location: National
Date: Anytime
Time commitment: 1+ days

Take the Trade Off Income Challenge

Volunteer as a team to raise the most money for your local Oxfam shop. You can fundraise on a particular challenge day, or in the build up, and activities could include cake sales, raffles, sponsored events, face painting or providing a gift-wrapping service.

Location: Your local Oxfam shop
Date: Often good to theme around a specific day or time of year, eg Christmas, Valentine's Day, or Easter.
Time commitment: The day itself, as well any preparation.
Number of participants: Six as a minimum, and a maximum of ten in the shop on the day.
Scale: Minimum of two teams in different shops - the competition spurs people on!

Finding treasures for the Oxfam Online Shop

Your teams can visit our retail warehouses in Milton Keynes or Batley to photograph and upload donated items for Oxfam's online shop. You'll get first-hand experience of the thousands of unique treasures that are donated to Oxfam and a sneak peak of the first and only in-house charity operated recycling centre. What's more, our team will let you know if any items uploaded by your team are sold on the day - so you can really see the impact of your hard work.

Location: Milton Point, Milton Keynes and Batley, West Yorkshire
Time commitment: One day
Number of participants: Around ten people


Make our pop-up shop festival-ready

The Oxfam Festival Shop is a touring pop-up shop, stocked with donated items and staffed by volunteers from Oxfam shops around the country. Your teams can spend a day at our textile recycling centre in West Yorkshire sorting through and selecting the selected gems that we take to each festival. You can also check our tents are in working order, help us with logistics, check the quality and care of clothing and much more. We'll work with you to make sure you meet your goals for the day.

Location: Batley, West Yorkshire
Time commitment: One day
Number of participants: Around ten people

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