What is the DEC?

Oxfam is a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC). When disaster strikes in a place that doesn't have the capacity to respond, the DEC brings together 15 UK charities to raise funds together fast.

The DEC is made up of 15 member charities. All are experts in humanitarian aid. Each member specialises in different areas of disaster response. Together, united with one voice, the call for help can reach as many people like you as possible.

Appeals are launched during times of large scale suffering, as in Turkey and Syria right now.

The DEC is vital in coordinating the UK public’s response to overseas disasters. Working with the Rapid Response Network of national media and corporate partners, they raise the alarm to the UK public by launching high-profile appeals and setting up easy ways to donate.

The impact is immediate, getting help to people who need it, fast.

Launched in 1963, the DEC has run 73 appeals and raised more than £1.7 billion since. Millions of lives have been saved.

Oxfam is on the committee alongside The Red Cross, Action Against Hunger, ActionAid, Age International, Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, Care, Christian Aid, Concern Worldwide, International Rescue Committee, Islamic Relief, Plan International, Save the Children, Tearfund and World Vision.

When you donate to a DEC appeal, the money goes to each of the 15 member charities. These charities then work together with people in disaster struck places through their own operations in each affected area.