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Introduction to Oxfam

  • We know people have the power to change their lives, and the lives of those around them. All they need is a little help.

 's a short film about what we do.

  • ...with simple smart solutions


    Ipaishe's story

  • Make the impossible, possible

    Speaking out is powerful. It can change minds and influence decision makers.


    Oxfam's campaigning on education and health care for the world's poorest people has gained international support from governments including the UK. That means more kids in school learning, and more midwives like Cecilia looking after mums during childbirth.

  • when injustice causes poverty, we stand against it.

  • Q: How many people supported Oxfam's campaigning in 2011?

    A: 1.6 million.

  • Be there for the long haul

    With your support we can be ready to save and protect people around the clock. And we stay long after disaster hits to help change lives for good.


    So we're ready around the clock to save and protect people...

  • ...staying long after, leaving life better than before.


  • Run with us. Volunteer with us. Shop with us.
    Campaign with us. Trek with us. Give with us. Read with us.

    Get involved with Oxfam

When you support Oxfam's life-changing work, unstoppable change takes root in communities around the world. Get involved today.

The impact of our work

Volunteer with us

How you're helping lift lives for good.

The impact of our work

A history of Oxfam

Donate now

The epic story of an extraordinary organisation.

The history of Oxfam

Where your money goes

Campaign for change

Not a penny is wasted. Find out how it all breaks down.

Where your money goes

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