One year on from the Pakistan Floods

Last summer, unusually heavy monsoon rains caused by climate change led to catastrophic flooding in Pakistan that destroyed homes, infrastructure and livelihoods, affecting more than 33 million people.

In the face of this humanitarian disaster, supporters from our global community united and raised millions for Pakistan and everyone managing the crisis. To find out more about Pakistan one year on from the devastating floods, watch and listen to the resources below.

Pakistan Flood Response - Maria, Social Mobiliser with partner TKF

When flooding hit Pakistan, passionate people like Maria were compelled to act, working with Oxfam partner TKF.

One year on from floods in Pakistan

One year on from the Pakistan floods, that saw homes, farms and infrastructure swept away, families are slowly getting back to rebuilding their homes. Oxfam is continuing to work with our partners to support families, but thousands still need support.

The Burning Question | Ep 1: Water Will Always Win

There is no questioning the reality of climate change. This podcast asks important questions on the 2022 floods; why they happened and how humanitarian responses are helping those in need.