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Oxfam in Pakistan

Reshma collects water from Shahbaz camp where her family fled to escape the devastating floods that hit Pakistan in 2010. Oxfam's response reached over 2.4 million people. Photo: Timothy Allen

Earthquake October 26, 2015

This morning, a powerful earthquake, measured at 7.5 on the Richter scale, struck northern Afghanistan. Tremors have been felt as far away as Pakistan and northern India. Communications with the region have been affected, and reports are coming through slowly. Oxfam has a very strong team in the region and are currently gathering more information as a matter of urgency. We are ready to respond if required. 

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From our staff

Saleema Munir, Programme Manager, Gender Justice & EVAW Programme, Oxfam, Pakistan

As a woman, a widow and a single mother of a daughter I faced discriminatory traditions but, after becoming part of the gender justice programme, I learnt to swim against the tides of customary practices. 

I work for women rights, women leaders of tomorrow and victims of violence with my head held high and spirits unbound. Oxfam in Pakistan has reached out and benefitted to millions of marginalized women directly and indirectly through awareness campaigns, amendments in policies and laws, training programmes for law enforcements agencies, vocational trainings, empowerment of women political leaders and engendering change at institutional level in public and private sectors. I am a proud to be part of Oxfam. 

Full details on what Oxfam is doing in Pakistan (PDF, 229KB)

The impact of our work in Pakistan

Video: Preventing the spread of disease

Pakistan preventing disease

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