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Birthrights: Maternal Health in Ghana

Explore the relationship between healthcare and inequality

World leaders have promised to both reduce inequality and ensure healthy lives for everyone. But what is the link between these issues?

Learn about the experiences of new mothers in different regions of Ghana and investigate how their treatment differs according to where they live. Consider how maternal healthcare could be improved in Ghana.

Download Teaching Resources 

What is it like to have a baby in Ghana as compared to the UK?

A day in the life of a midwife in Ghana


  • Workshop Plan (303kB)

    Explore a day in the life of Cecilia, a midwife in northern Ghana. Learn about the achievements of Ghana’s health system and think critically about potential solutions to the challenges it faces.

  • Slideshow (2MB)

    Learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals and discover the stories of mothers in different parts of Ghana.

  • Photo Pack (8MB)

    Photographs to help design an exhibition or display in your classroom.

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