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Making Sense of the Climate Emergency

Explore thoughts, feelings and actions
Climate protestors

Young people are growing up in a climate emergency. Millions of the world's poorest people are being affected. There is still hope but urgent action is needed now.

Eco-anxiety is on the rise and there is a growing need for young people to be supported to face the reality of climate change, to talk about their concerns and consider potential responses.

With inspiring case studies and creative ideas for taking action, this cross-curricular resource for ages 8-14 helps learners to: make sense of the climate crisis; reflect on their values in life; discuss thoughts and feelings; and feel empowered to act - both individually and together with others.


Making Sense of the Climate Emergency - Teachers' pack

Making Sense of the Climate Emergency - Slideshow

This is an Oxfam School Groups resource designed to help young people develop their skills and the confidence to make their voices heard. Find out more about starting an Oxfam School Group.